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Fears and Phobias...

Fears and Phobias

Fear is a normal reaction that protects us from danger and keeps us safe.

However sometimes it can go wrong and become switched on under the wrong circumstances and cause havoc in our lives.

You can suddenly develop a fear or phobia without any obvious reason, for example a sudden fear of driving. It is also possible that your fear or phobia stems from a previous bad experience for example developing a fear of flying after a bad flight experience or after an incident or impression experienced in earlier life.

Your Fears

It is natural to want to avoid the situations or things that cause your fears and phobias. This avoidance behaviour can severely restrict your life and can often lead to the problem escalating to other areas of your life. Fears and phobias can be easily  managed using hypnotherapy. Addressing your fears and phobias can give you the freedom back in your life.                   Contact me to discuss how I can help you or to make an appointment at my clinic based just outside Oxford or I can see you from your home online   email:  denisepearce40@hotmail.com or tel :07879491882

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