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Hypnotherapy to calm exam nerves and revision focus...

Hypnotherapy to help calm exam nerves and increase revision focus

Exam days can be some of the most important days of our life this pressure can lead to exams nerves which can get the better of us. Anxiety and nervousness can  affect even the cleverest of students and adversely effect performance on the day. Butterflies in the stomach, shaking sweaty hands and a racing heart can distract a student from performing at their best. Pre-exam nerves can get in the way of revision stopping us from concentrating and absorbing information.

Hypnotherapy can easily reduce the anxiety  that gets in the way of effective revision and sitting an exam confidently. A couple of sessions can also be really effective when you want to boost  motivation to study.  

Calming Exam nerves
Overcoming exam nerves

Through relaxation and visualisation techniques you can be taught to revise calmly and efficiently and sit your exams confidently.

I can see you in the clinic in Wheatley or  online from your home. 

Don’t let exam nerves get in the way of your success contact Denise (please ask about reduced rates for students) contact denisepearce40@hotmail.com

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